All of our appointments are booked through the BOOKSY application or website. You must book your own appointment. This gives you the ability to schedule, move, or cancel an appointment at your convenience. 
I will personally confirm your appointment request in the order in which it was booked.

Appointments are  booked on a first come first serve basis. You will always receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after booking and an appointment reminder text or e-mail 1 day prior to your appointment!

Before booking your appointment, compare and choose your services from the menus !

Have more questions? Check out our Q &A at the bottom of this webpage. 

can't make your appointment ?

If you cannot make your appointment, you must reschedule 24 hours in advance.

Late Cancellation Fee*

30% of Service Selected


No Show Fee*

50% of Service Selected


Fee's will be applied on the Style Seat Booking Application.

*This policy will be applied to both regular and new clients alike.

Please be mindful of your cancellations habits for ALL beauty service providers.

When you book your appointment, please be absolutely certain you will be capable of showing up for the appointment you have selected.

To grasp a better understanding of why this policy is implemented, imagine your manager cuts your hours at work with no reason, and now you are stressed you may not make your rent... Because now you do not get paid. This is what a late cancellation or a no-show is like for ALL beauty service providers.

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