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Raw Sugar Nails

Nature, Nurture, Nails

I've been looking so forward to being able to 

re-open and service all of our loyal clients after months of not being able to have your hands in mine.
While the Quarantine restricted us from our everyday habits and cultural norms that fulfills the social needs of a human... It taught us a few precious lessons... It's okay to allow ourselves to sit and be still, listen to nature and breathe...

Most importantly, cherish and never take for granted the relationships that we are fortunate enough to have within a driving distance...

whether that relationship be with

humans or nature.


I never want to take these lessons for granted,

which is why I've decided to leave town life

and head for The North Shore. May this permanent nail space be your post quarantine safe haven... A place where you know that you can enjoy being taken care of in a healthy, sanitary, and nurturing environment. 
Getting your nails done

has never been this good for your soul.






Raw Sugar Nails is by appointment only, no walk-ins.
Please respect the time of the clients who have booked their appointment in advanced and either book your appointment, or book a private viewing of the nail studio via Booksy. This way we can keep a record of our own contact tracing here at Raw Sugar Nails.

Our hours vary from day-to-day. You can find up to date hours on our handy booking website when you search for a date for your selected services.

When you book your appointment, it will show you the days that are available according to the number of services

you are booking and the time it takes.
Try booking only one appointment to see more available appointments.



67-106 Kealohanui St., Waialua , HI 96791

Located at on the outskirt of the Wailua Sugar Mill. 


Entrance is located passed the classic gated entrance to the Waialua Sugar Mill. 

GPS will end at  the entrance to the Waialua Sugar Mill. Drive passed the entrance where the road veers straight/right. you will proceed over

MANY potholes. Feel free to navigate around them so as not to damage your car. You will pull up to a building similar to those inside of the gates of the Waialua Sugar Mill. You will see the Surfboard shop names displayed on the front, "Schaper" and the "Two Crows" logo. Park anywhere in front. There is a more accurate pinpoint location on the studio space on Booksy.  Please refer to your Booksy Appointment confirmation email for detailed directions. Thank you!

59-747 Mauluku Rd., Haleiwa, HI 96712

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