Raw Sugar 


For Life

Total rehab and clean up​ of traumatized skin:
Signature Dry Nail Prep from finger nail to second knuckle, cuticles and sidewalls. Guidance on at-home care to  strengthen, and reconnect nail to edge of finger.

Ideal for nail biting, anxious skin and cuticle picking,
resulting from thick sidewalks excessive 

cuticle nipping .


raw sugar signature power gel


2 to 5 weeks wear

Signature Nail Prep + Strength

Power adhesion, no cutting of cuticle, dry nail prep,  nail strengthening,  fewer salon visits

Ideal for more hands on and active lifestyles  


Raw Sugar mega super strength gel 

3-6  weeks wear 

Signature Nail Prep +  Flexible Super Strength Base  

Edge to edge color,
Thin flexibility and strength without bulkiness,

100% soak off,

Healthy alternative to acrylic & hard gel overlays 


Ideal for thin nails,  for those who wish to preserve the nail health, or are hands on and in the water. 


sIGNATURE gel extension


2 to 6 weeks wear

Signature Nail Prep + Flexible Super Strength Base

Durable gel extension,
lifespan with Mid-Mani Refresh

100% soak off,

healthy alternative to acrylic & hard gel




2 week life extension on gel mani

Re-fresh Prep

Light dry nail prep, buff and re-seal edges,
hand massage

Mid- Mani refresh available for Super Mega Strength  and Gel Extensions on Booksy.





pick me up


Soak, shape, cuticle, dry skin buff,

sugar scrub, massage, polish

Just your basic pick me up,

clean, relaxing,  and pretty



me time


Soak, file, cuticle, dry skin buff,

sugar scrub, foot butter, massage, polish

Classic pampering, twice as long massage,

Moisturizing foot lotion+ body butter,



pedi of youth

Urea soak, shape, sugar scrub,

urea mask + urea massage, polish

The ultimate nourishing treatment

and extra long massage 

Ideal for overly dry feet, thick callous's and those looking for long term holistic solution to heavily calloused feet.