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We're talking Destination Location.

North SHore,



From a simple gel mani on the go to a total overhaul of your nail health.



Are you more into a Basic Pick Me Up or a Pedi Of Youth today ? 



Nicole Nicholson, Founder of Raw Sugar Nails, is specialized in quality nail services and Artist Inspired Nail Art. We encourage our clients' creative expression and art education, while providing the education they need to understand the biology of the nail and effective techniques to care for their nails at . We are committed to high sanitation standards wherever possible, to ensure the health and well being of our clientele.


All of our appointments are booked through the BOOKSY application or website. You must book your own appointment. This gives you the ability to schedule, move, or cancel an appointment at your convenience.


Appointments are  booked on a first come first serve basis. You will always receive a confirmation e-mail immediately after booking and an appointment reminder text or e-mail 1 day prior to your appointment!


Before booking your appointment,

compare and choose your services from the menus !

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